Looking for CoM ftf opponent evenings EST

I am looking for a friendly ftf Vassal game. I am EST, usually available weeknights after 830 . Please drop me a line at seawolf72@yahoo.com if interested. Thanks!

Steve Worrel

What’s CoM :stuck_out_tongue:

Clash of Monarchs by GMT is what I think he is referring to.

ohhhhh ok. That Card driven game about teh 7 years war. I’ve seen and read a bit of the rules. It looks fairly complicated, but interesting. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you/we get some additional players, I’d be interested, but like I said, I’ve never played the game before and haven’t read the rules.

We’re talking Live?

Hi guys, yes I am talking about Clash O’ Monarchs. Its a really excellent game and the vassal module is first rate. Drop me a line at seawolf72@yahoo.com if you are ever interested in playing… Thanks!