Looking for design partner

hi all

Im looking for someone who wants to team up to create a game. the game will be free of course so i cannot pay anyone but if anyone is interested in making a new game let me know. i plan on making a website for it as well. im not looking to make a game that will take years to create and playtest.

if anyone is interested or wants more info let me know. thanks all

Can you provide some details as to what the game is?

The game is not made yet but Im planning for it to be a mech based arena game. think heavy gear meets armored core. Im thinking small scale, maybe 12 or so per side in a large game. i would like to make a website and forum for it (if vassal allows that) so players can track thier records, find opponents and join seasons that end in a championship. as of now I dont know much about Vassal so im looking for someone with at least some experience.

If you are interested let me know. Thanks.

This actually sound like fun. I’d be interested but I don’t have a lot of time. As long as you’re putting this together as sort of a “when we have the free time” sort of thing, I could help. I could also provide a lot of the administration stuff …voice chat room, common files folder, web site, file download site, live video feed, etc.

Send me an E-mail

Allright…why not…need a graphic designer?

Havoc - If you bring Benarius in, let me know and I’ll send him an invite to DropBox.

Any progress on this? Have time…

Hello Benarius,

Im sorry i havent had a chance to check the forums in a few days. I actually do need a graphic designer. If you are still interested please post here. I was going to do the graphics myself but that would have been a disaster. We (DrNostromo and I) havent had a chance to start yet as i have been busy with some work stuff, but I do want to start soon. Let me know if you are still interested and if you have any ideas at all. All help is appreciated.

Thanks Guys

Hi all,

recieved your mails. Thanks. Will in future respond to them. Just let me get off work in a few hours and I will respond tonight from home.



Just some old work.

another modified version…getting these from forums we did map challenges in.

some unfinished work…this is just a few of the maps I did and can find right now…have done lots of 3D modelling (which we don’t need) but just in case. Can always use it for packaging…lol. As soon as I find some more work (forums, old hard drives, etc.) I will post it.