Looking for FUN, open to try anything

Hi everyone. I am new to Vassal and most board games. I found out about vassal after playing game of thrones board game and trying to google a question. I have only played a few board games (Risk, statego, etc) but really, really want to expand my experience in the board game realm. I bought Game of Thrones board game and only two other people showed up, and one left because it was ‘too complcated.’ I would like to play a full game of Game of Thrones. Im also interested in other games like Settlers of Catan and Small world. I prefer strategy games that have elements of chance and fantasy in them, but am open to give anything a try. Also, and Im not sure if this is the right place, but I really would like to play Dungeons and Dragons. I have my own dice and have attempted to play a few games through a different online community but those all fell apart before they got started. If you would like to play anything, or would like me to play anything, please give me suggestions or let me know when you are available for a game.

TL;DR I want to play board games, but have no Real Life friends who do.

Id be into trying to play it. I never even heard of it, just googled some pics and it looks a lot like the World Of Warcraft Board Game, which I loved. I could also try to play some Settlers of Catan, heard its pretty good. Im also getting around to playing Hero Quest, so lemme know If you wanna figure something out.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I can play Warhammer 40K as well, but I need to revise the rules. I dindt played in a while.