Looking for Gamers

UK-based wargamer looking for gamers. New to vassal but not wargaming. Would like to play following:

Combat Commander
Silver Bayonet
Fire in the Lake
Command & Colors Nap or Anc

Have got quite a lot of games and this is not an exhaustive list so contact me if you have anything similar.
Have Google hangouts and Skype accounts. Also like RPGing too.


I just learned Combat commander if you would like to play.



I used Vassal quite some time ago to play Paths of Glory, as I found that type of game suited me via on-line play. I struggle somewhat playing on-line large hex based wargames.

I too have a fair amount of games and would like to try some via Vassal. I have Combat Commander, Fire in the Lake and C&C Ancients - I take it to play these we would both need to be on-line at the same time (something we could get round with Paths of Glory), and would we need Skype?


David Brown

Silver Bayonet pbem? I’d go for a game.

I would like to play FIre in the Lake. Still searching for opponents? :smiley:

New to wargaming and Vassal but I would love to join you for some games. Will be checking out Fire in the Lake as well as some others.

I’m UK based and would like to learn Fire in the Lake, if any of those who’ve posted are willing to take me through it. I keep considering buying the game but would like to try it out first.

Lots of wargame experience, and used Vassal plenty for both pbem and live play (often with Skype when learning a new game), so just the specifics of the game I’d need to learn.

PM me if you are interested.