Looking for Games

Hey new to vassal and looking for some opponents for various games.

The games I own and are familiar with are:

Alien Frontier
1812 The Invasion Of Canada
Infinity (just learning)
A Game of Thrones Board Game
Memoir '44
Warhammer 40K and other Games workshop games

I would love to learn to play Arkham Horror, Warmachines, Star Wars X-wing miniatures or malifaux. Also willing to learn some other games if its not too complicated.

I travel a lot so hoping this might be a way to get my gaming fix while abroad. If interested in PBEM or the occasional live game let respond or PM me. Thanks!

Hi im interested in getting a few people together for Arkham horror so let me know if your still interested

shadow and galad we got 4 people for arkham
how about 11 ny time/ 5 london time next sunday or saturday ?

That is a tentative yes for me, I am not sure on my schedule right now. I will probably be snowed in for the next two weeks but l know more later in the week.

i’m always up for a game of Memoir '44, just let me know.