Looking for live Vassal with Discord opponent in East Coast USA timezone

Looking for an opponent to get some live vassal games. Looking to play once a week or once every other week from 8 pm to 10 ish.
I have a wide variety of interests and would be happy to start off vassal newbies with a short easy game then move onto other games.

Games I can teach:

  • Victorian Cross II (easy to teach - fast play)
  • Across the Bug River
  • Der Weltkrieg
  • Thunder in the East
  • Bayonets and Tomahawks
  • BAR
  • Korean War
  • Tonkin

Games I own and are keen to play:

  1. Balance of Powers
  2. Fall Blau: Army Group South, June-December 1942
  3. Strafexpedition 1916
  4. Tenkatoitsu
  5. Somme 1918
  6. To The Green Fields Beyond
  7. Proud Monster Deluxe
  8. Battle for Normandy
  9. Absolute Victory

I’m located in North Carolina if your in the area

I live in South Carolina just south west of Wilmington.
I could be talked into playing. Time might be tight until the new year.
I might be able to scrounge another player or 2 for multi-player games.


Kevin, both the idea of finding multiple players and the timing of after the New Years would be fantastic! I’ll contact you directly to coordinate further. Feel free to invite others.

I live in Virginia Beach not far from NE North Carolina and I’m just getting started in Vassal. I’ve been working my way through WiF. I’d love a group to learn and play Fatal Alliance.

Hi Trekkie, been traveling for T-day but yes it would be awesome to do a WiF or FA. Let’s see if we can find some more folks to play.