Looking for opponemts , i have these games

Games i currently have & know how to play : Fields of Despair, Command & Colors Napoleonic s , Labyrinth, Kingdom of Heaven , Clash of Giants civil war , Washingtons War . Currently off work for winter so LET THE GAMES BEGIN ! Also have Athens and Sparta and Triumph and Tragedy plus some of the old AV hill gms - battle of the bulge , d-day , war & peace , russian campaign , russian front but havent played them in a while and would require a refresher .

Always up for a game of War and Peace…

I would love to play - I know Fields of Despair, Washington’s war, C&C Napoleonics - but I prefer PBM game. If you are interested in one of these - mail me - piotr_osko@o2.pl

Looking for 2 to 3 sessions per week, SKYPE if possible. 2 to 3 hours per. Have not played W&P in 20 yrs so refresh time needed. Also maybe slight learning curb w/vassal . My schedule very flexible till March .

Have never PLM before .So i may not be your best candidate , but sounds like a nice slow pace of a game i would be interested to learn.

Oops… I could never commit to that much game time. And I truly dislike Skype and the like.
Thought you were talking pbem…

Discord is what I use now for voice chat. Can teach Fields of Despair, IMO it doesn’t work for PBEM well.

Russian campaign is my game.
Let me know


I have a large number of games, many from pre-20th Century eras. I have a lot of online Skype/Vassal experience and live in the UK. Afternoons are the best time for me.

hi im available for triumph and tragedy at 3 players by skype

Hello gamer5609-
I also use Discord now, so much better than Skype; I was thinking about getting Fields of Despair, watching Marco Arnaudo’s review right now…I may need a little bit of teaching, but this game looks great!

Hello PzrLehr I can show you Fields of Despair. I did figure out my Skype issues, just had to use this computer instead of my old one. :stuck_out_tongue:
What time zone are you in?

I’m GMT -8 or PDT (California)
-I have the game on order from BGG : )