Looking for opponent ANY wargame

Looking for opponent ANY wargame, PBEM.

Have a preference for WW2, but your pick.

well, only a few ww2 games to choose from. lol . Let people know if you have experience with vassal and if you are new to games or up to speed on rules for any?

I have some experience with Vassal, and am familiar with a lot of older titles. I liked “A Victory Lost”, The Russian Campaign, Dark December, VG’s The Civil War, and lot of others from the 70s, 80’s.

Im currently playing Russian Campaign and GMT’s Civil War on VASSAL and enjoying both.

Wanna try Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage? I’ve only play-tested it for myself, so no experience with it.

I have A Victory Lost, if you are interested.

Russian Campaign ??

I’m up for it. Interested??