Looking for Opponent for BFN

Hi fellas,

Just learning the game. I’ve been playing “Operation Epsom” scenario solo. I like to take on an opponent who is willing to play with a newbie. I believe i have a good grasp of the game but of course you will need patients…lol.

Anyway, anyone interested in playing on Vassal? I guess we can do PBEM. Now I’ve never played this on vassal nor have i’ve played PBEM ever with vassal so we can do a trial run just to make sure i have it down.

Just let me know who is interested?

I have a list of games in my collection i like to start playing against opponents besides this game.

What is BFN?


Battle for Normandy

O, I didn’t see a module for that game; however, there is a module for The Battle For Normandy…?

Well, I have played BFN and I have screwed the pooch, too. I am a “little” experienced at vassal both via skype and via pbem. I can do either. Contact me and we’ll talk. robbo1207@gmail.com