looking for opponent LA GRANDE GUERRE or Vietnam VG

Hi for playing with skype at some monster games as i played before

I m fluent english french and spanish


Hi Philthefox,

I would be happy to play Vietnam VG. One of my favorites, but have not played for it in years. Due to my schedule, it would have to be by PBEM. Is that OK?


Hi thanks for you answer

I guess it ll be too slow by pbem beczuse there is too much interupt sorry

Ciao Philthefox.

I would love to play LGG. Both on Skype (mostly for combats and interceptions) and Pbem.


P.S. I have been looking for a LGG opponent for so long…


I would be interested in playing the Vietnam campaign with you, in whatever manner works best (Skype).

I’m not sure of your time commitment given the other response to LGG.

Just let me know.


Feyrod, Bellhuey or anyone interested in Vietnam, I am looking for an opponent in pbem. Contact me at claudio.ciardelli@gmail.com

I want to play a Vietnam VG PBEM vassal

Would be interested if you haven’t had any better offers? Email me (peter.connor70@gmail.com) if you are still looking for a victim…errrrr, opponent