Looking for opponents

I have quite an extensive collection so I’m open to lots of stuff.

I’d like to play something I know to start with like Unhappy King Charles or Liberty Roads.

I can play live–I’m available after 10 pm EST (GMT -5:00) most weeknights or on Sundays after 8 pm or I am willing to play by PBEM–which works better for larger games like Dark Valley.

Please contact me at jwmchughjr@gmail.com directly if anyone is interested.


Might be interested in AH Bismarck or AH Blitzkrieg Basic PBeM after 01/15. Could promise 48-hr turn-around on Bismarck, mostly 3 days on Blitzkrieg. I’m new, and currently familiarizing with AH PanzerBlitz and AH Submarine and VASSAL. All these rules are readily available. David Blair “caulk” "taskforcedaibhi%gmail.com