Looking for Russian Front (Avalon Hill) opponent by PBEM

Newbie with VASSAL (but some experience with VASL) and Russian Front of Avalon Hill (a old game in my collection since 10 years at least), I am looking for PBEM opponents only for the moment. When I will have more time and more experience in the game I will be ready to play in FtF.

Living in Belgium, I speak french and I understand english also but for this last one it isn’t my native language.

I am a fairplay gamer not interested by the competition, just the pleasure to play.

I am not experinced with vassal, but I am with the R.F. Would be willing to play a game.

Just getting the hang of Vassal, and trying to remember how to play Russian Front.

Would be interested in a game, though wouldn’t be that quick due to family and work pressures.

I don’t know if you have been there yet, but there is quite an active forum on consimworld.com.


I’d be a willing opponent. Played RF quite a bit years ago and looking to get back into the hobby.

Live in Minnesota, USA and would be available after 8:30 pm Central, or early weekend morning on Saturday and some times during the day on Saturday.

PM me if you are interested.



i am just about to start a tk game pbem but could also fit in RF
RF is best played “live” due to eg during combat having to make decisions each round
I’ve played it live but for some reason it would go out of sync with your opponent eg he would move pieces on his computer but they wouldn’t on your computer
I am in UK so easier for us to arrange live sessions as time zones similar