Looking for some live games between August 24-September 2nd

Hi all,

My wife’s out of town, so I’ve got lots of free time in the evenings this week (and some this weekend). I’m hoping to set up some live games. Here’s a list of games I’d love to give a go:

Combat Commander: Pacific - any New Guinea scenario other than M11, play as either side

Nightfighter - Player or umpire, pretty much any scenario with some of the advanced rules. Intruders are a blast.

Napoleon’s Triumph (either side)

Vietnam 1965-1975 - one of the earlier scenarios, other than Starlite, play as either side

The above games I know the rules pretty well. The following games I can get the rules under my belt pretty quickly:

Asia Engulfed (it’s long, so I’d hope to start a game live and continue it PBEM), play as either side

Infidel (any scenario)

Gettysburg: Badges of Courage

Normandy '44

Sa Battala (maybe)

If anyone is ambitious and wants to teach me any of the following games, I’ll be a very patient and obedient student:

Baltic Gap (or GBII)

GD '42

Totaler Krieg or Dai Senso

Trial of Strength (I have a vassal module for it)

Whistling Death

A Fearful Slaughter

Sweden Fights On

As you can see, I’m just hoping to get some gaming done. If you’re up for anything, drop me a line? Or post here, I should be notified if anyone replies.


Chris Buhl

If only our wives would get organized and go out of town at the same time. :slight_smile: