Looking for something..

Hey all…

Over the last year, I have gotten into alot of miniature style table top war games… Ambush alley, Future War Commander, Gruntz… etc.

Now, with a cold swift strike of fate, my whole gaming group disbanded… 2 moved away and another is busy with the new family. So, we want to try and keep in contact and keep playing games… So I am looking into some modules that I can make so we can play our games.

I want to make a mod that would allow us to play with generic pieces (maps, buildings, forests) and generic units (single units, or stands of units…) for any of the above games…

Its not hard for the maps and stuff, i can easily extract them out of other mods that I have… but the units… thats another issue… and I am looking for a few good mods that I can use for examples…

anyone out there familiar with these games, think you can point me in the right direction?



Try to glance at this …


You can duplicate this module to add your own pieces.