looking for vassal module play-testers

Looking for play-testers. I have designed an Action Selection/Area
control euro-style board game. (That’s right, that means it’s awesome)
The game plays in about 25 min per player. (plenty of time to catch
something on SciFi) I hope to find players who will play each other and give me
feed back as well as play with me so I can get live feedback. And if
you obliterated someone while testing it out, I want the blow by

The game plays something like a reverse El Grande or Dominant Species.
The area control mechanic is divided into two types of control. The
first type of control is the normal Majority control which will reward
players with action options in later turns. The second control type is
Minority control, meaning having the least amount of control of an
area. This Minority control is how players earn points. The
juxtaposition (Kudos to me for working that one) of these two types
of Area control make for an innovative way to think about Area Control.

Here is the game theme description I’ve written as well as links at the

Welcome to the complex world of plants. A place where thriving depends
on strategy, tactics and maybe a tiny bit of luck .

Plants competes to be the most successful wild plant. Players will be
deciding how to use there resources to best support their plants
success in this games environment. “Competition Among Plants” at is
core is both an action selection and a area control game, but with a
twist. The environment does not always favor the most abundant species.

rulebook box.com/s/pmbp8si1fkp82vojwxdx

vassal module box.com/s/5pcbjz3zra8czj9ouqu7

new printer friendly rule book.