Looking for Vassal opponent for "The Russian Campaign&q

I would like to try this game that has sat on my shelf for years but I have never played it. I would be willing to play it live this weekend on Vassal or by vassal email.

Are you still looking for an opponent? I have not played in years but remember the game fondly.

Hi Hmerryman,
I just started a game. But thank you for asking.

Let me know when your ready to start a new game keep me in mind thanks!

Roger that.

how did that game turn out? Need another one?

I just grabbed a copy of this game off e-bay and would enjoy getting a game going. If you don’t mind playing with a newbie, let me know.

Jimbar I’m an old timer with TRC but a newby on Vassal. I’d be interested in a game sometime. I’m not sure how to do an online game though.

I just started ny first TRC game using Vassal with hipshot. Perhaps after that I’ll be up for another.