Looking for Wargame opponents

Hi, guys,

I’m looking for some regular wargame opponents to play/figure out some games in my collection that I just can’t seem to get to the table. You don’t need to be experienced as long as you’re interested in playing. At first it would be helpful to play in realtime, either with Ventrillo or Google Hangouts (or any other free video chat you’d prefer) so we can get into a groove but then we can totally submit turns in whatever way is most convenient.

I’m located PST. I’d love to play, initially, on a weekend morning.

Here’s a list of the games I’d like to get into:

  1. Next War: Taiwan
  2. Reluctant Enemies (and if we like playing, we can get into another OCS title afterwards)
  3. Bastogne: Screaming Eagles Under Siege
  4. Maria (3-player only)
  5. Empire of the Sun
  6. Triumph of Chaos
  7. Paths of Glory
  8. Bitter Woods
  9. The Russian Campaign
  10. Silver Bayonet
  11. Downtown
  12. The Burning Blue
  13. Espana 1936
  14. Eastfront II
  15. The US Civil War

I have a pretty open mind so even if the game you want to play isn’t on this list I may be interested. I own most of these games, a few I do not but I’m certainly willing to invest in a game if I have a willing opponent.

Shoot me a reply here or drop me a geekmail in BGG if you’re on there (username: Bazinfan).

I look forward to meeting with you!

Hey mate,

I’m familiar with some of these, namely USCW and PoG. I’ve also been trying to get a game of Sword of Rome going through PBEM (Vassal + Ludilog). I’m not sure if location would be a barrier here for live play though as I’m at AEST/AEDT.


I’ve played Maria once, PoG many times, and The Russian Campaign some time in the last century. That being said,
I would be up for any of the games you listed. I’m also located on the US Pacific Coast. My BoardGame Geek account is BenoitV.


I’ve tried posging and PM however it appears not to work.
I don’t see my post.
I would like to play a game of Russian Campaign.
Up for it?

Let me know