Looking for WiF opponents

I’m looking for people who want to play WiF live, using vassal and skype. I’ve played WiF for years but am new to online gaming. I’ll take either side, play most of the expansions and 80% of the optional rules.
If anyone is interested let me know.


Hi steve

I’m actualy playing with Wif, and Played before by Vassal with other games like OCs.

I tink i can play, but the only problem is in what time you want make the game?


I am also looking for oponents for this game, I’ve never used vassal but would like to give it a go



I played WIF for years when it first came out but have not since 2002 and have not used Vassal online either. If anyone is still intrested Im available to play have my own rules and most of the modules…im located on the east coast USA Orlando Florida…drop a line if you need a player!