Looking to do a module but have no clue how to start!

I have a home made Marengo game based on the original Wellington’s Victory system but with many improvements, I would like to get it into vassal for easy playtesting but have no clue how to go about doing it.

I have looked at the docs but I can’t really connect the dots, is there a simple a/b/c step for showing how to do things?

One way to start is to find a module on the site that is similar to your game, open it in the editor, and examine the components. That should give you a good idea on how a module’s pieces fit together and how to begin designing one of your own.

It’s possible that since your module uses rules from an existing game series, you might be able to locate a module from the same series, and then simply replace the existing board, pieces, etc with the components from your game.

In addition, there are some simple module creation tutorials in the wiki.

For the future, a detailed module designer’s guide is in the works; I’m hoping to be able to release it soon.

On Jan 6, 2010, at 6:07 AM, Chiggy wrote:

Well, since this is a fairly standard hex-based wargame, I think that
the tutorial section on a board game would be a starting place.


Perhaps if you could start there and then tell us where you end up
running into roadblocks we can provide some more direct guidance.

Actually, looking at the tutorial, I see that it needs at least some
updating for the current versions of Vassal. For example, there
isn’t any separate Vassal module editor anymore. Editing modules is
one of the menu options from the application now.

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