Looking to open/start a new ladder


I am wanting to open a new ladder for Car Wars, please and thank you.

Regards and Thanks


Ladder for Car Wars is now there


How does the ladder work for Car Wars (or any other multi-player game) - is there one winner and several losers, or does everyone score points?

Good question.

I was kinda thinking of it as being a place where you can challange another player for 1x1 duels.

They could be 1 car vs 1 car, or teams of Cars, controlled by the two players… That type of thing.

But the type of duel would be determined by the two players…

This is my first ladder, so I am just kinda figuring it out.

It would be nice, if it could be set up for points with multiple players… Not sure if it can.

Primarily it is 1x1 right now as you thought. I have submitted an inquiry
support on a few features like this to see what code needs to change and
make other types of options possible.

It does track scores/points but I cant find any reference to their use - Ive
asked about this too.

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Thanks Tim