Looking to play some FlatTop

Looking for someone to play some Flattop

My location is central time USA and pretty flexible as to playing time.

I never played using vassal and do need to brush up on the rules some but it is one of my favorite games.

If interested you can contact me at VassalTime@mail.com

I am also flexible on trying other games and learning some as well

I play a good amount of Avalon Hill, Decision games and GMT. But willing to try anything.

I want to participate in a refereed, double-blind game. Don’t care if I’m a player or the referee.

email is akulkis at gmail

Two years and a bit later someone replies on VASSAL to your interest in playing FLATTOP
I would be most keen …need a referee…and I would like best to play US player side…
What do you think?
I own game but have never played face to face…
you can email be direct if you wish jim.bennett@shaw.ca in Western Canada

I’d play. Flattop has always interested me, but I’ve never played.
Don’t know if we can work out a time to play live, I’m in the eastern US. PBEM might actually be easier for me, I oftenfindit easier to play in small chunks of time rather than a long session.

I haven’t played since the late 80s. Don’t have the rules, but would love to play this again.

Looks like we’ve got three folks interested. What do you think, ptebennett and Saxinis? Shall we have a go at FlatTop?