LOTR TCG (Decipher)

Hello :slight_smile:

I have created a module for the TCG Lord of the Ring. (the one with images from the movies)
The idea was first to play in a very private circle (friends & family) but I think it would be nice to share it to the community. However I have two questions/problems:

  • Did I need to contact Decipher (or try to contact them) to have the permission to upload the module here ? (The card images that I use are on internet for many years now, and the picture were put by Decipher itself) Or a disclaimer is enough ?

  • How did I separate the cards images from the module itself ? I have seen on the Babylon CCG module that the author has used the extension way to put images on separate zip file. But even on editing this module I cannot figure how it works exactly. Currently the module size with all images is about 250 Mo … :confused:

Thanks for your answers !