Mac Vassal won't open my mod.

Mac Vassal won’t recognize module. I wrote a vassal mod of a game my friend made. I only use PC so I can only test it on PC. Another player of the game uses Vassal Engine for Mac and says that his Vassal on his mac won’t recognize the module. He has a PC that will recognize the module.

This is the module: … ule_id=706

Can anyone open it with the latest Mac Vassal? If no, does anyone know why?



It opens fine for me on Mac.

Here’s what I’m doing to open it: launching Vassal, then in Module Manager, clicking File > Open Module. Browsing to the module and selecting it, then it will open.

I suspect your friend with the Mac is probably double-clicking on the .vmod file to start Vassal. The OS is thinking it’s a compressed file and is decompressing the file, using the Mac OS X Archive Utility or something similar. So the OS is just unzipping the file into its component files…not launching it.

It’s being ‘recognized’ on his PC probably because the file associations for file type ‘.vmod’ are likely set up correctly on that PC.

He’ll need to do the same for his Mac if he wants to double-click to launch Vassal. Otherwise, he should just use the method listed above.

No, he is trying to load it through the Module Library. I asked him to try to open the module with the mod editor and he said it told him it was not a valid module. I think it is his mac tho. Thank you for verifying that It does work on mac.

On Oct 2, 2009, at 10:41 PM, JAFisher44 wrote:

This launched fine for me using Vassal 3.1.11 and I was able to get a
Map to display and pieces to show up.

I downloaded the module from the website just by clicking on the link,
and then opening the resulting .vmod file. There didn’t seem to be
any problems with the download (through Safari 4) decompressing the

I did notice that the “Map” button pops the map up in a new window
that appears on top (and cannot be buried). Is that the behavior you
wanted for the map window?

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