macOS Vassal not quitting?

I am not sure this is a Vassal/Java issue, however it seems to be. I have searched for a similar thread and found nothing.

I apologize if this is a duplicate, and apologize further if (for some of you) it’s “obvious” that it’s not

After quitting Vassal (whatever module is running, plus Vassal itself), and trying to shut down my Mac normally, the mac sometimes doesn’t shut down; instead it returns to a log-on screen. Other times it will shut down.

However, no matter what it does, upon restart I get a “your computer restarted due to a problem.” The error reports are Greek to me, but I’ll post a snippet below.

I have noticed that after quitting Vassal there’s an exec app icon that remains in the doc. This exec icon does not appear until AFTER I have quite the module. The app doesn’t show as running, and Activity Monitor doesn’t show it running; but it does seem odd that would appear AFTER quitting the module.

Here’s the content of that file:

Here are relevant (it seems to me) elements of the crash report (and please note: there was no crash; the only effect of this seems to be that something prevents a normal (user initiated) shut-down/restart:

Here’s my machine information:
Mac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019)
3 GHz 6-Core i5
Radeon Pro 570X 4 GB

I don’t have issues shutting down the Mac or getting errors upon restart, but I do get this icon in the dock after using VASSAL. Haven’t really done anything to investigate why, I just remove it from the dock periodically.

This is exactly the sort of thing I’d like to hear about as soon as you notice it happening.

When did this start?

The “Exec” icon is there because the latest OS leaves it there; it was the icon for the game, when the game was open. To remove it from the dock, you have to right click and manually remove it from the dock. I do not think it is a problem; it’s just clutter. There are lots of app icons that don’t disappear from the dock after you close the app: Vassal itself, the Photofeed app for instagram, and just about anything else that doesn’t come straight from Apple.

Several weeks ago now, so before I upgraded to 3.5 (which I’m still using; I just noticed 3.5.1 was available when I came to the site today).

I’m sorry I didn’t ask about it here earlier, but after the most recent update to Big Sur (which I believe was released Feb 9).

I got updates from several other apps concurrently. that are running in the background all the time: I thought SnagIt! was the culprit at first, because of other issues I was having with it. Then i thought it was O365 related because suddenly those apps are periodically telling me I’m not authorized to use them. Also 1Password and a little window manager called Magnet.

It took me awhile to rule those out (and O365 is still on my list of suspects).

I am happy to assist in any way I can to rule out Vassal/Java, even if that means a conference call and screen sharing. The challenge with that tried-and-true troubleshooting technique is that this involves a restart, and invariable the troubleshooter can’t see what’s happening during the restart.

In the message above, the second sentence got detached from the rest of the paragraph. After the Big Sur update, a bunch of other apps got updates immediately and many of them started behaving oddly.

No, this is not obvious and something we were entirely unaware of. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

When exactly does this happen?

  • Does it happen after quitting the Player, witht the Module Manager still open?
  • Does it happen after quitting the Module Manager?
  • Something else?

It’s not Vassal or Java …

I, being someone who pays for AppleCare, stupidly failed to call Apple until after a clean OS install failed to fix the issue.

It took the Apple tech about 4 questions to ask this one:

“Uhm, yes… [pause as I rage silently that I bet the last Big Sur update broke the iMac’s undocumented support of 32GB sticks. The Bastards!], but it’s Samsung with the exact spec as the RAM I’d need my own COVID relief package to pay for if I bought it from you.”

Total time, including hold-time: 6 minutes.

Total number of times I was asked to verify my address, phone number, and preferred email: 0.

Thanks for your concern and attempts to help. Sorry I wasted your time!

Glad that was so “easy” to resolve.

That still leaves open the question of why an icon is left behind on the dock, though.