Made a game which has lead to this question

So I made a game (rules, characters, the whole shebang) and I made a vassal module that while a tad rough (I’m a writer, not a graphics designer) is quite functional.
I was looking through the modules list and all the games seem to be officially published games (I randomly pressed 15 games and they all were)
Now I am curious if it is a requirement to only upload officially published games as maybe some form of quality control and as I would not like my first foray into the vassal world to be a screw up.
My second question is, is it possible to upload text files with the module. I haven’t really looked into it as the first question does lead to the destiny of the second, but while I’ve dragged your attention I might as well ask.

to answer the second question, presumably it is info on how to use the module / play the game, keys, about the module etc… you should be able to put the text files into the actual module itself as a bunch of help files

You can also create a zip package containing the .vmod and all your documentation and upload the zip file. I usually create an html rule book and include it in the mod package. Since some people just change the .vmod to .zip and upload the mod, you’ll probably want to mention in the notes that the zip package contains other files besides just the mod.

…and yes, you can upload any Vassal mod you want, regardless of whether it’s a previously published game or original. There are some restrictions concerning mods made of published games according to the publishers requests but there’s not restriction on originals.

Thank you so much for the help