Mailing list details.

To receive email for all posts sent to this forum, follow the instructions. Be aware that the volume can be high so be sure you know how to filter incoming email with your preferred email client.

  1. Sign up to the mailing list HERE.

  2. Register with this forum; Be sure to reply to the confirmation e-mails sent to the e-mail address you specified.

  • When you make a new post to the mailing list the incoming message will, by default, go to the section “General Discussion”.

  • When you make a post to the mailing list with the subject prefixed in square brackets, such as:
    Subject : [Opponents Wanted]Looking for a game of Twilight Struggle.
    The e-mail will be correctly posted to the prefixed section of the forum (in this case, Opponents Wanted).

  • When you make a post using the forum interface, it will be sent to the mailling list with the section name automatically pre-pended to the subject; So mailing list users can then just hit Reply and it will go back to the correct place in the forum.


  • There is only one mailing list and it is called “
  • To direct a message to the forum sub-section you want, prefix the subject with the forum section name (in square brackets) eg. [Feature Requests]

Thus spake rocketbomba:

I can’t post anything, anyone can help ?

Yes, but we need more details about what you’re seeing. Are you
subscribed? What happens when you try to post?


Tried to join this list and it says page can not be displayed.

I don’t think you can sign up for the mailing list anymore.

The mailing list has been retired as of the site upgrade completed today. We aim to set up Discourse for replying to posts by mail soon.