main window sizing issue

I have a laptop that I run with an extended second screen. Somewhere along the way the Vassal default window size of the main window got compromised and I don’t know how to restore it to my satisfaction.

Currently, when I start Vassal, the main window shows up on the laptop screen. It is not sized properly - it extends off the right side, away from the left side second screen extension. many buttons on the window resize and close buttons are off screen.

I have tried resetting preferences without success. How do I change the default main window size to open properly sized for my laptop?

Try Tools → Clear Tile Cache on the main Vassal window, if you haven’t already.

The tile cache is irrelevant for window sizing. Clearing it won’t have any effect on the problem.

  1. Close VASSAL.

  2. Find the global preferences file. (It’s prefs/V_Global. The prefs directory is in the same directory as the error log. Instructions for finding the error log are here:

  3. The global preferences file contains key-value pairs, one per line, formatted as “key=value”. Look for the key “BoundsOfModuleManager” and delete that line and save the file.

  4. Start VASSAL.

Does that solve your problem?