I have a question about the Mainboard. In which Folder of the Editor is the Mainboard of a Modul stored?

  • Manu

That’s an easy question… “Main Map [map window]”
Is that the answer you’re looking for?

:slight_smile: I’m so silly but now I have the right folder… thank you

You’r wellcome… Vassal is a bit rough to put your hands on it… but the learning curve is pretty sloopy ;)

Go for it!

So thank you for your answers. But now I have a new question.
Can I pick a chart file ´from a Vassalmodul?
I want to great a new map but first of all I need this map. But I don’t know how I can pick the map file from a vassal modul.
Or if I actually pick a file from a vassal modul.

  • Uzi

VASSAL modules are actually just ZIP files and you can open them up in the same way. All your charts (if they’re actually graphics) and maps are in the images subdirectory of the archive.

  • M.

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