Making a marker or unit always the bottom layer.


I am having a bad moment.

I am working on an update to the old War At Sea Module. I have created a transparent enough smoke marker to fill both square and hex squares but when I place it, it always goes over the units there.

Is there an option to set the marker to always be the bottom layer in a sector? When the smoke covers the units I have to move it to select the units.

There is a work around, the units do not snap to the center so I can just drag them off center. I’d like the smoke to be the bottom layer though.

Thanks for your time.

Use the Game Piece Layers feature.

Put the smoke marker on the bottom-most layer.
All other pieces and markers will appear above the smoke.

Thanks for the tip. I tried it and maybe I am doing something wrong.

My 1st preference for simplicity is to use an individual marker for smoke and figure out how to make this marker to entirely to the background. Later on I might try letting the units trigger the marker into existence.

Two reasons
-Some destroyers in this game make smoke in a sector and can move out of the sector the next turn leaving the smoke in place for a few more phases.
-Storms / Squalls are essentially the same thing. and it would be neat to have them in the background always as well.

Maybe I should reword my question. Is there a way for a marker to be placed automatically under every unit in a sector?

Thanks again