Making a second map board global


I am designing a game module where I use a second gameboard for keeping up the scoring. The players can view the scoreboard bij clicking on a button . So far so good.
The players move their marker on the scoreboard, but moving the markers is only visible on the board of the moving players, so the other players don’t see this move… how do I make this moving visible to all players?



You shouldn’t have to do anything special on the second Map Window. All maps should work the same. If you’re playing live, you might need to sync. (Best to test your module using logfiles.)


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What do you mean with “need to sync”", how do I do that?

Thus spake “Ludonws”:

Create a room. Have everyone who is going to play join the room. Someone
should start the game. Then right click on the name of the player who
started the game, and you’ll see “Synchronize” as an option there. This
will synchronize what you see with what the player who started the game


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