Making map appear in main window

Working on a module and trying to figure out how to make the Map appear in the main window on startup (e.g. Pax Romana mod), rather than popping up in its own window.

I am having the same trouble with the counters panel. It opens in a new window. I know I solved this with a different mod but cannot figure out what is different here.

I have looked at different mods to see how they did it and can’t find any differences in the configuration.


Is this problem simply that the module was created using an older version of Vassal? If so, is there anyway to update it so I don’t need to start all over?

Thank you in advance

Thus spake “MadSeason”:

That’s because it’s not a part of the module. Look under
Preferences > General for an option called “Use combined application


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I figured that out but that option isn’t there for this module under preferences. It’s strange.

I started another module under an older version of Vassal and it has the option but the map still appears as a separate window even with that option checked.

It’s strange…