Making the number of cards customizable

I’m making a module for a roleplaying game, and I need to make a pool of identical tokens whose number is set at the beginning of each session, and then passed around the table during play. I"ve been thinking that the best way to accomplish this would be with a Deck, but I’m not sure how I can change the number of cards in-game.

Of course, maybe that’s not the best way to accomplish what I want at all. Any suggestions?

Off the top of my head I would make a deck in a hidden window with the
maximum amount of tokens there could be in any game.
On the main playing map place an empty deck and an At start stack that has
following traits:
an action button
a trigger
dynamic property - “executed” value = false
dynamic property - “tokens” numeric value range 0 to ?
A global key command

Pressing the button will execute the trigger (property filter Executed =
prompt a player to set DP value (“tokens”)
execute the GKC on the hidden window deck using fixed number of pieces
and have this send the cards to the empty deck on main map
finally execute one more key to change DP “executed” to true to prevent
further execution of the routine

This is not a full proof description but general gist of how to do it so
might need a tweaking to get work here/there and there may be other ways to
do it - just cant think of any of them right now :slight_smile:

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