Managing Key Commands

Our module (VASL) uses a lot of key commands to add functionality to counters. Some of these are visible in popup menus; many are not.

We are not tracking the use of such key commands and their specific key combos. This is problematic especially with multiple devs working on the module.

Is there a way to generate a list of all key combos in use in a module?

Any best practice ideas in terms of having a structure for determining what key combos to use for different tasks?

I’m not familiar with VASL, but if you aren’t already using named keystrokes (i.e., alphanumeric phrases) for any “behind the scenes” tasks, I’d start there. Then you can be descriptive in the actual keystroke instead of getting bamboozled by a plethora of ALT, CTRL, SHIFT combinations with letters and numbers (i.e., capable of being triggered by the physical keyboard).

I don’t know that any best practices exist, but the beauty of named keystrokes is that you aren’t nearly as constrained and you can use consistent naming templates so after a long period of time goes by, you can still quickly remember what a keystroke does when you see it buried in a Trigger somewhere far away from its actual definition. Also, you are much less vulnerable to accidental duplication–e.g., a problem crops up, and after hours of diagnosis you finally discover that ALT-CTRL-H was used for two different things.