Manoeuvre module

I downloaded and extracted the zip. But what now? How do I get it to load in the Vassal Engine?

I have the same issue. The build file is there and if you open the other two files in a text editor they both say “saved game” near the beginning. My guess is that something is missing or maybe there’s some way to compile the build file. Unfortunately I don’t know what it is.

What’s the quote? “Seek and ye shall find”?

I zipped the build file and then renamed it Manoeuvre (no extension) and I was able to semi-load that. It says it wants VASSAL 3.0.17 and it can’t find a couple of files and then… no map shows up.



Just download Vassel version 3.0.17. Then use the Load Module button. Select the zip file you downloaded.

It loads fine for me when I do this.

Aha! When I download the “manual installtion” I ended up with 3.0.15. I had to use the “manual installer” to get 3.0.17. Subtle difference there.

Thanks, remcher!

Thus spake “Awfki”:

Whoever created this module should not have named it ‘.zip’. The
file linked from the Modules page is the module—you don’t need to
(nor should you) unzip it.


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