Any one up for a game? I am new to both Vassal and Man. but would really like to throw some dice.

hi , im new to it too but happy to give you a game

Hey if you are still around I will start a room.

If anyone is serious about playing a game. Please drop me an email at I would like to play Manouevre or Hammer of the scots. I am available most evenings. I am on the EST zone. Please be advised that I am new to vassal. :smiley:


The Manoeuvre module seems to be broken but I wouldn’t mind a PBEM game of Hammer of the Scots.

I’m also in EST and could post a couple of turns each evening but getting on line for full game doesn’t seem likely. If you’re interested let me know. If PBEM goes well I’ll see if I can clear an evening.

No it’s not, I just had an older version of VASSAL. Problem fixed so I’m open that too. I’ve never played either of them but I’ve read the rules for HotS.