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This is not an April Fools Day hoax although I do feel a complete fool having to post it.

I’m a complete newbie and would like some help with the following;

When trying to create a new module how do you get a board to appear in the board selection box? Are boards stored in a particular folder and with a particular file extension?

I have Photoshop and have downloaded board bdx (in .gif format) as a starting point but cannot get it into the module.

Help on this very basic design first-step would be much appreciated.

Under “Main Map->Map Boards” in the module editor, you have to add a Board. In the configuration dialog for the board, you can add the image you have.

You’re going to have to get used to the hierarchical layout in the module editor. It makes sense once you’ve got it.

And don’t apologise!

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Thanks for that but when I try to select a board, no boards are listed (see attached image).

Am I supposed to save an image of the board into a particular folder to enable the board selector dialogue box to make it available?

Thus spake “MikeR”:

same thing as a map image.) Right click on the Map Boards node in the
tree, and you’ll see “Add Board”. That’s what you need to do in order to
create boards which will appear in the board picker.


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Thanks uckelman.

I’ve now got a board loaded in the module and when I start a new game the map-board is displayed.

I didn’t think to right-click any of the options :blush:

I’m now going to set up the counters that I have designed in photoshop.