Map does not display in Full Screen at start up

I am using 3.2.17 but also have 3.3. Problem persists across these version.

Just started recently where the docked map no longer opens to a full screen and pulling it down only increases the dialog box size. I have to pull the map window back up again to open it fully.

The problem you’re having was fixed in 3.5.0 at the start of 2021. The current version is 3.6.5. Please consider upgrading.

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Thanks, 3.2.17 never had this problem before. Seems to me there was a fix for this as I remember having this problem before with 3.2.17 and was able to correct it here.

Thanks for your advise though.

Installed 3.5.1. Still has the problem. Again there is a fairly simple fix for this but I cannot remember what it was.

Now that you mention it, there was a series of changes addressing the problem during 3.5 development—3.5.0 was only the first place I found it mentioned in the change log when I looked. (For clarity: I was not suggesting you install 3.5.0, only trying to provide some indication of when the problem was fixed.)

The simplest way to overcome the problem is to use the current version, 3.6.5.

Your not listening. There is a fix for this that is not version related

I am listening. There might be a workaround for 3.2.17, but it’s not a fix. You’ll still have the bug in 3.2.17 after you apply whatever the workaround is, even if it stops affecting you for a while. The fix is to upgrade.

Why are you still using 3.2.17?

I opened the mod in 3.6.5 and closed it without saving. Now get full screen with map in 3.2.17. :slight_smile: I will migrate to 3.6.5 eventually. Thanks for helping me out