Map issues with Windows 11

Any one else having map issues, just recently upgraded to windows 11 and now none of the maps load on any module. I have also noticed it jumps right past the load up screen also. Any help would be greatly appreciated. John

  • What module?
  • What version of Vassal?
  • Are there any error messages?

it doesn’t matter on the module, the maps don’t open only see the bar with the counters. I have tried the new version and then went back to the last one that I had 3.5.1 and also 3.5.8 to no avail. No error messages at all, just when I click on the module I want to run jumps right to the bar with the counters.

sorry I put this in the wrong area.

It’s fine—I’ve already recategorized it.

thank you. New to the forums.

Check your preferences in the Module Manager (Tools > Preferences). Do you have “Ask ‘Wizard’ questions at startup” unchecked? If so, check it.

thank you, not sure why that was not checked. The map came back when checked also. sorry for the problem