Map makes pieces invisible?

Hi all,

Forgive the novice question. I’d like to turn game pieces invisible when they are put into a particular map zone–and make them visible when they leave the zone. (How) can this be done?

(The “real” game has a mapboard and each player has a little screen behind which they hide certain cards. The reason a Hand/Private window doesn’t make sense is that the cards behind the screen are arrayed relative to cards that are not hidden behind the player screens.)

The best interpretation I could come up with was to make a single mapboard, and let players reveal/hide pieces based on where they put them.

Hopefully this makes sense. I just don’t know how to manipulate the Invisible property simply based on where a piece is located on the map.

Many thanks–VASSAL is truly an incredible system…

I’m surprised none of the pros has tried this(?) Maybe my question was not clear.

Anyway, here is a solution–not sure if it’s optimal; but this is what I came up with after some reading, trial, error:

  1. Main Map: “Key Command to apply to all units…”: CTRL X (for example)
  2. Mapboard: add a Zone (e.g. “Screened”)
  3. Game piece (prototype, what have you)
    –a. Invisible (CTRL I is default key command)
    –b. Trigger Action (“Hide”):
    ----i. Trigger when…: CurrentZone=Screened && InvisibleToOthers=false
    ----ii. Look For CTRL X, Perform CTRL I
    –c. Trigger Action (“Show”):
    ----i. Trigger when…: CurrentZone= && InvisibleToOthers=true
    ----ii. Look For CTRL X, Perform CTRL I

Of course, the Invisible layer should generally be the last one in the stack.

I think youll find it works better if it is:

c.i Trigger when…: CurrentZone !=Screened && InvisibleToOthers=true

Thanks Tim–I hear that. For my particular purposes, I wanted the pieces to become visible when they were removed from any zone, hence the =(blank).