Map Randomizes on Three Battles of Mananas v0.5

I’m playing Three Battles of Mananas v0.5 using 3.1.10 after using 3.1.9. The problem I am describing happens with both versions.

I recently had an OS problem and had to reinstall Windows XP Pro. I now find when I load the vlog files the map will sort of randomize, displaying unrelated sections next to each other like someone had divided it and mixed up the pieces. If I zoom in far enough the problem stops, but I’d really like to be able to see the battlefield.

Does anyone have any ideas about a possible fix for this? Or am I just screwed? Thanks in advance for any help.

Hey Marstov,

Check this thread out, looks like you may have a similar issue.

That fixed it! I rolled back to 6 update 7 and everything is fine. Thank you for your help.