map scrolling stutters and text out of sequence in vlog


Here is my setup: Mac OS 10.11.2, Java 8 Update 71, Vassal 3.2.15. When I open vlogs for any of the six games I play (Commands and Colors: Napoleonics, Unconditional Surrender: Europe, Space Empires 4X, among them), the lines of text that appear each time I push the play through button is out of the sequence in which my opponent recorded them. Die rolls, comments, player actions, show out of order until they sort themselves out about four lines up. The text is also garbled and stuttered if I scroll up and down on the window using my MacBook Pro trackpad. Similarly, when I scroll vertically on zoomed in maps, there is a lag that stutters the screen, smearing the map along distinct horizontal lines. Eventually, I can scroll it enough to get it to load that portion of the map accurately.

Can you tell me if this is a bug or if there is a setting within Vassal that I can change to correct these issues?

Thanks much.

Just wanted to give this a bump. I am the only one experiencing these issues? Maybe it’s my hardware.

It’s likely to be a bug in either your version of Java or your video driver. Try a different version of Java if you can.