Map selection and properties

Map selection and properties:

I am creating an automated setup for a Bios Megafauna and Bios-Origins. The tile setup has a fairly complex setup that related by different for each. So I’m trying to figure out how to check which main map was chosen before it starts assigning tile locations.

The tiles are drawn from a side deck that isn’t located on the main map.

So I created a map piece (Setup piece) located on ‘any map’. Using ‘Set global property’, I tried to change my ‘setup’ global property to ‘set value directly’ to {If(CurrentMap == “Bios Megafauna Map”,0,If($CurrentMap$ == “Origins”,1,2))}

But the result is always 2?

Any ideas?

Ok… I figured out a method…
Make a piece that sets a global field using an IF() statement compared to CurrentMap… I must have had a typo last time I tried to set it.
Then after Setup is completed, the piece is deleted.