Map sizing issue when replacing map in custom module

OS: Windows 10
Vassal: 3.6.5
Module: custom

Having an issue replacing a custom map with a newer image. Both old and new are .png and when I replace the map, it shows up at approximately 1/8 of the correct size. Both images are 2662x4007. I figured it was just a stupid mistake, so I tried new files, new names, no compression, restarting the module, restarting the computer, reverting to a previous save… no luck. Would appreciate any thoughts.


We need to see the module to help. Please post the module somewhere we can see it.

Here’s the URL. Thanks!

I find only two files that seem to be a map image in this module.

Perryville6_8.png reports as 2662x4007 pixels and is the currently defined map. The hex grid you have seems much too large to match this image.

Perryville_scen0.png is also in the module, but at the root of the ZIP archive instead of in the images/ folder, so it’s not being used. It reports as 2666x4013 pixels.

Based only on this, I wonder if there is another image you had in mind that didn’t in fact make it into the module, or you just need to edit the hex grid to make it match up with the existing map image.

All the unit images look to be 131x131 pixels, so either they have to be scaled down en masse, or the map has to get bigger. I had a fiddle and tried increasing the map dimensions by 50% and even that is still cramped (units overlap hex boundaries). Maybe even go all the way up to doubling the size of the map–but it’s very pixellated and low quality. Are you working from a small original, or is there a higher resolution one you can start from?

OMG… You just identified the issue. I’ve been working with the wrong size map, and even identified the wrong size in my initial post. The correct size is 6348x9555. The 2662x4007 images are the ones that I use for the maps that I send to various historians and researchers. Somehow I must have used the wrong size for my export.

Thanks so much for taking the time to look this over and nudge my brain back into working order.

Best always,

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