Map Window


I’m creating my first module from scratch, using another published module as vehicle for building mine.
I’ve opened up the module in ‘edit’ mode to see how the modder built his module.
I have a question which has to do with the Map Window I Include some image to explain the problem I’m having:
1st image : the Vassal Help link


2nd image from the editor : Map Window (Carte) my copy of Vassal 3.2.17


3d image from the member Module


I’m not sure what you’re asking but if you’re wondering why you don’t get the Button Text, Tooltip Text, Button Icon and Hotkey options when you check the “Include Toolbar Button…” option, it’s because you have to check the box, save the module and then re-open it for those options to appear.

Thanks Dr_Nostromo, I knew I missed reading something.
Best Regards