Map Windows on Game Pieces

I mentioned this once before in the E-mail forum and was told it’s not the only time it’s been requested. So, I thought I’d make an entry for it just to keep it in the developler’s minds for future versions.

I have a fantasy game where players has a player token. They have to go elsewhere to open a map window to view their player sheet and keep track of their inventory. So, it’d be real handy if a map window could be attached to a player token so a player could just open their player sheet by right-clicking their token.

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You can do this already

Put a global hotkey on the piece/token
Make sure the Map in question has a hotkey assigned to it
Set the global hotkey to fire that hotkey

Thanx for the tip.

I’ll give that a shot.

The Doc

But would you have to create a window for every possible piece?

Would be nice to have it create an instance of that window for each piece that was created.

Say I have a battleship piece and would like each one created to have its own record sheet window. Is that possible currently?



If every piece were different in some way in what it is to display in said map window - then yes - You would have to create all the different map windows.

Thing is you don’t have to have these windows show up in the toolbar unless you really want them to

I’ve rethought my previous answer to this.
In theory, you could actually get away with just one window and instance it for all your different pieces, but there is a little work involved in order for it to happen and a very small catch to it

First off you would need the window to be hidden (i.e not available on the toolbar)
Second : You would need to perform property swaps transfering all the stats of the piece through created GP’s (as many as you need) using a trigger. The first part of trigger would reset all the GP’s to their default display value, the second part of the trigger would send the stats to the appropiate GP and the third part of trigger will fire the Global Hotkey that opens the map displaying the info.
The map should be reading (and therefore) displaying the values set in the GP’s, be it through text labels, layers following a property etc…

The small downside is you must accomodate every possibility on the info map and you wouldnt be able to have more than one map open at a time (as this method keeps updating to the las piece you decide to look at).