Map windows opening larger than board size

Map windows are opening for me with a slightly larger dimension than the board size, resulting in margins showing the background color. I posted my experiences with this as a reply to this thread:

Is this a bug that I should submit? I wanted to ask before I did so.

Does the map have any horizontal or vertical padding greater than 0 defined?

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No. In fact, the margin stays even if I modify the padding by positive or negative amounts.

Here it is with padding 0,0:

Here it is with padding 20,20:

And here it is with padding -20,-20:

I’ve posted my test module to see if anyone gets similar results on their computer or if it’s just something funky about Vista or my computer.

Similar results - so its not your machine or vista (Im using XP)

Will have to defer to Brent or Joel on this as to behavior

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Can we go ahead and add this to the bug tracker?

Can someone add this formally to the bug tracker? (Map windows open larger than the board size leaving a visible margin around the board)

Thus spake “Bigtex01”:

Yes, you can. Go ahead and do it.


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Bug [2803313] Maps open larger than image leaving a border

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