Map Zone - editor shows previous name

Version 3.5.5

When “defining shape”…

If you edit both the name of the zone and the waypoints, the editor incorrectly labels the Window Title Bar as the previous zone name.

It does this even if you change the name and save the module. The names don’t correctly display in the title bar unless you close the module completely and reopen it in the editor. At that point, the correct zone name displays in the map waypoint editor window.

This is relatively minor bug and can be worked around, however it can lead to losing track of what you are editing…

I can’t reproduce this. What are the precise steps to make this happen in 3.5.8 or later?

Tested - still happening in 3.5.8 (Windows 64 bit version)

In the editor:

  1. Copy/Paste a Zone in a Main Map Multi-Zone Grid (example original name “Monday”)
  2. Double Click the new Zone, change Name field to “Tuesday”, click OK
  3. Double Click the new Zone, “Tuesday” is correctly displayed in the name field (ok so far)
  4. Click Define Shape button
  5. In the new window that pops up, the window is titled “Monday” (the original name, not the new name)

I think we’ve fixed the problem in the current development version. Try a current build:

Working correctly in 3.6 beta-2