Maps and Tokens

Dear Vassal-Users,

I want to create different presaved startups for a module with different maps and found it annoying to drag-drop more than 300 (!) tokens from the token menu to the token tray(s) and map for the first map only.

So the question is: Is there a way to exchange just the maps and redeploy the tokens thereon for creating further startups, but not being forced to tediuosly fill the token tray(s) again and again?

Thanks for your help:

You can set up some sort of button or automatic process that will automatically move the 300 tokens you want over to the token tray.

Have all the tokens refer to a prototype

In the prototype, put in a Send to Location trait to send them where you want them to go.

Then have a button that sends a Global Key Command to all the tokens to trigger the Send to Location.