Marker value doesn't respond to Dynamic Property

The Marker trait has two fields, name and value.

I am using the Marker trait to order the different kinds of things on my map: Terrain, Tokens, Counters, and Models

If I put a static value in the value field, like say Terrain 1, then the marker is read properly, and the game piece is ordered as it should be.

If however, I assign it the value $terrainlayer$, and have the Dynamic Property terrainlayer on a piece, with a starting value of Terrain 1, and which can be changed to Terrain 2, etc., no ordering occurs, and the terrain is always in the forefront.

It would be very useful if the Marker value field would parse variables that represent a Dynamic Property.


It does not work this way at the moment. Don’t know if this is intended to
change in 3.2.

However you can achieve the same thing with what I would call a “static DP”
in conjunction with a trigger to keep it up to date

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Thanks for the reply Tim.

Could you give me an example of how to do this?

I am wanting to have the different terrain features on different layers. In ascending order Rivers on Terrain 1, Hills on Terrain 2, Trees on Terrain 3, and Roads on Terrain 4. That way, Trees are always on top of Hills, etc.

However, a particular map might call for a river running through some trees, in which case it would be useful to be able to change the Marker of the River pieces so they were on a higher layer than the trees.

If this isn’t possible currently, its ok, it would just be useful to me.


Why not just sort by the value of the terrainlayer property? You don’t gain anything by introducing a Marker whose value is pegged to the value of a Dynamic Property. Just use the Dynamic Property directly.


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For some reason, in the documentation, it seemed like the Game Piece Layers could only be declared using a Marker. In fact, using a Dynamic Property directly for those pieces that could be on different layers worked perfectly.