Mask and Peek

Hello again,

Here is what I got done so far, and the editor layout.
I added elan markers that remain invisible until elan hits are scored against or increased by rally

  • I would like to start by having all units masked when they are positioned on the board
  • each player side to see only the ID of its own pieces while they are masked
  • as units get scouted (die roll result) or fired on or come in contact the unit is revealed and remain
    uncovered for the rest of the game

Can anyone suggest the best course to take as far as the mask (the flag) I would like to have it ‘on’
when each player sets its own units on the board.

Aren’t units masked by default? If they’re not, you apply a key command to units ending move on the map–which in your case would be “mask command”.

Thanks grouchysmurf.
I’ll look into it again